For some families, therapy is not easily accessible. In order to provide services for people in need, Adora Alliance offers Remote Clinical Services for families that:

  • Live in rural areas (or areas not near our offices)
  • Have been relocated for military reasons
  • Are seasonal or live in more than one city or state
  • Therapy would not otherwise be accessible

*Remote therapy requires the place of service to have reliable internet, as well as a device capable of video chat (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.).



How It Works:

Remote therapy would allow for participants to receive ABA treatment in the case of limitations of services in their area.


Once provider needs to have been identified and the BCBA travels to the home to complete an in-person assessment. After the assessment has been completed, the BCBA completes a treatment plan and connects with the family (using a video chat) to go over the goals and determine if both parties are in agreement. Once the plan is agreed upon by both the parents/guardians and the BCBA, it will be submitted to insurance.


Upon approval, the BCBA would either train the provider or the family on how to implement the goals of the treatment plan. This may be done either in person or via video chat, but most likely it will occur using a combination of both. The BCBA will provide weekly training and observation. They will also be tracking progress on the participant’s online data collection book. The BCBA is required to do at least 1 “in-person” session per month so all families should expect to see their BCBA regularly.


We will also provide you with information regarding resources in your area, along with individualized materials and stimuli to assist in teaching your learner. This service is innovative and sought after, and for that reason there are strict criteria revolving around family involvement. If the BCBA feels that the family is not active enough in treatment or if the family refuses to utilize ABA techniques, a discharge in services may occur.


To learn more about this service call our Administrative Department at 1-855-462-3672 (GoAdora) or email