For many families of children that have been diagnosed with developmental disorders simple things like outings and attending school can quickly become very aversive. That is especially true when children exhibit severe problem behaviors.


At Adora Alliance we provide behavior assessments and behavior intervention plans to reduce or extinguish problem behaviors altogether. These behaviors include but are not limited to:

  • Aggression toward objects
  • Aggression towards self or others
  • Property damage
  • Elopement
  • Yelling/Screaming
  • General non-compliance


Adora Alliance provides Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) conducted by licensed BCBAs. These assessments help to identify the reasons why your child is engaging in maladaptive behavior. During this process, our BCBA will observe your child in your home, in the community, in school, as well as in a novel or new setting. This comprehensive evaluation will provide the most accurate representation of your child’s needs while assisting our staff in creating accurate and achievable goals.


Based on the assessment results, the BCBA will build a Behavior Intervention Plan that will be used to eventually extinguish the maladaptive behavior. This service can be used independently of other services or can be built into your child’s treatment plan and skill acquisition plan. To learn more about this service please contact our Administrative Office.