Our Mission

Our mission is to help all learners reach their full potential by teaching life-skills through the scientific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Our multidisciplinary team of professionals work together with families to identify concerns by means of an assessment in order to develop individualized curricula for our participants. We seek to enrich and empower our participants by offering innovative and inspiring programs, trainings, and services.

Our Vision

Advancing Developmental Abilities and Supporting Families for a Better Quality of Life.

Adora Alliance was born from a vision of love, respect, and determination. Active-empathic listening is used by management to hear our employees’ valued opinion, which constantly strengthens our character and level of understanding. Adora Alliance implements continuous improvement practices that create the upward spiral of growth, manifesting itself in our everyday best practices. With the trust that our community has shown us, together we can create a world of possibilities and a community of inclusion.