Adora Alliance understands that life can be busy. Therefore, we try to make applying for ABA as painless as possible for our families. This page will give you step by step walk through on what this process looks like and what we will need from you!


Step One: Initial Contact

  • Once you have contacted us either by phone or email, you will be emailed a permission packet along with our intake package. We recommend calling your insurance provider first before contacting Adora Alliance to ensure that ABA is a covered benefit. Adora is happy to make the call for you but we do require that the full intake package is completed before we have permission to reach out to your insurance provider. It may save some time for you as a parent to call ahead of time.
  • Once you have completed your intake packet, you will need to email or fax it back to our Administrative Department along with copies of the following documents if you have them:
    • Most recent Diagnosis from your Doctor or Developmental Pediatrician
    • IEP from School
    • Speech or Occupation Therapy reports from the last 6 months
    • Copy of the front and back of your insurance card

Step Two: Authorization

  • After all necessary documents have been received from the family, our office will coordinate with your insurance provider to obtain an authorization to complete an assessment.
  • The BCBA will then reach out to the family to schedule the first meeting.


Step Three: Assessment

  • During your first meeting, the BCBA will request that you have any pertinent family members present. The BCBA will also ask that you provide a list of behaviors and goals that you would like to eventually work on.
  • The BCBA will ask you to complete a few additional consent forms in person to ensure that you have all the information that you will need before starting ABA.
  • Before the end of the meeting the BCBA may schedule the next meeting. The assessment process can take anywhere from 1 session up to 5 sessions depending on what behaviors need to be observed.
  • Upon completion of assessment, the BCBA will then begin your child’s Treatment Plan.


Step Four: Treatment Plan and Authorizations for Ongoing Treatment

  • It can take up to 30 days for the BCBA to complete a Treatment Plan. Once completed, they will submit it to your insurance provider and complete an interview.
  • Once the interview is completed the insurance company has up to 15 days to provide the authorization or denial.
  • After the plan has been approved, the BCBA will reach out to schedule a meet and greet with your child’s new Behavior Technician(s).


Step Five: Treatment

  • After the family has met their treatment team, the BCBA will schedule some overlapping training sessions with the technicians to go over your child’s individual goals.
  • From that point, the treatment schedule will be handled by the family and the treatment team. The BCBA will be providing ongoing treatment and training to both the family and the technicians through the entire treatment process.
  • The BCBA will also be updating and modifying the Treatment Plan as needed on a regular basis. Semi-annual renewals will take place every 6-months to ensure that your child is making the quickest possible progress.